Journler -- Scripting Export Command


Long time, no see…

I am using this new application, which is quite scriptable and quite useful. It’s called Journler.

(You can check the application out at )

Anyway, I can’t seem to get the export command to work.

Can someone be so kind to check out the application and see if they can get the export command to work? I seem to think it’s a bug in the 2.5 release, but just in case I’d like to get some expert opinions…


Model: Power Mac G5 2.0 dual processor
AppleScript: 1.10.7
Browser: Safari 419.3
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

Here’s an example of a Journler script that looks up ToDos some distance in the future, prepares a Journal entry, and exports the entry as rich text. The export command is fussy - only the file type can be left out.

-- Ask how far ahead to search
set today to (current date)
	set Choice to {button returned, text returned} of (display dialog "Please enter the number of days or weeks" & return & "to search ahead for events with dates due." default answer "1" with title "Search for ToDo Deadlines" buttons {"Cancel", "Weeks", "Days"} default button "Days")
	try -- if a number is not entered, ask for one
		tell Choice to set {U, T} to {item 1, item 2 as number}
		set W to run script U -- convert "Weeks" or "Days" as text to AppleScript date constants
		exit repeat -- got a number and the units of the search
	on error
		display dialog "Please enter a number"
	end try
end repeat

-- Get Entries that meet the requirement
tell application "Journler"
	-- set up some variables as lists
	set tasks to {}
	set Due to {}
	set tName to {}
	-- get the entries
	set ComingSoon to entries whose date due is less than or equal to (today + T * W)
	-- assemble lists of contents, titles and dates due
	repeat with anEvent in ComingSoon
		set end of tasks to rich text of anEvent
		set end of tName to name of anEvent
		set end of Due to date due of anEvent
	end repeat
	-- Post a Journal Entry for tasks coming soon
	-- set up a header for the entry
	set RText to "ToDos Coming Due within " & T & space & U & " from " & short date string of today & return & return
	-- prepare new entry content for each future event
	repeat with k from 1 to count tName
		set RText to RText & k & ")" & tab & item k of tName & tab & "Due: " & item k of Due & return & tab & item k of tasks & return & return
	end repeat
	-- Post the new event
	set anEntry to make new entry
	set name of anEntry to "Tasks Coming Due"
	set category of anEntry to "ToDo"
	set tags of anEntry to "due"
	set the rich text of anEntry to RText
	set label of anEntry to red
	-- save the database changes
	save changes
	-- export the new entry
	export anEntry as rtf in (path to desktop folder) with header without subfolders
end tell

OK, I’m a doofus…

I was missing “with header without subfolders”


Mucho Thanks!