Just compiled my first script :)

Hi guys :slight_smile:

New forum member, brand new, still peeling the shrinkwrap off.

And I just compiled my first script! :smiley:

Can you remember when you did that? That sudden flush of joy, almost of disbelief … I did it! It works!

I am one happy new scripter.

And, typical of a new forum member, I have a question (believe it or not):

How do I get the Scripts menu to show up in the Finder? I’ve compiled my script, which is a very basic ‘delete selected file, empty trash’ script, to run in the Finder, and the Help docs say I should access it from the Scripts menu in the Finder menubar, but it isn’t there, and I can’t find where to turn on its display.

Sorry if this is an even dumber question than I thought

Thanks very much for your patience and help.

from Clytie, slightly giddy with unexpected triumph


Double click on Script Menu.menu:

“Macintosh HD:Applications:AppleScript:Script Menu.menu:”


Thanks clytie for the fun and good humor… we need more of that in the world. Your happiness is contageous, and now I’ve got it.

Take care, and welcome to the forum. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s great: now you can spread it around! :slight_smile:

Thanks heaps, jobu, it’s great to feel welcome like that.

Thanks for the tip, kel. I did eventually disentangle my collection of AppleScript links (hmm, possible job for a script: I’m already seeing script possibilities everywhere! addicted for sure :slight_smile: ) (where was I?..

amazing what you can get for the occasional biscuit :slight_smile:

Anyway, I did eventually find the info to install Script Menu – and promptly uninstalled it to install FastMenu, which looks like a good idea, so I’ll try it.

<Clytie admits to Just A Little Download Mania … her browser needs retreading>

I’ve found some archived scripts, too. I even managed to edit one, which was to display the source of a page in Safari, with TextEdit, to do it in SubEthaEdit (my preference) instead. It compiled! Ooh, I’m getting delusions of grandeur here. :smiley:

I know it’s not all just plug and play, but I’m just rapt that I can do anything at all, and it all seems so intuitive. A far cry from my early days with punch cards (yes, the dinosaurs and I were in the same computing class). I think AppleScript and I are all set for a very happy partnership (if I can restrain myself from banging my head on the keyboard while debugging…)

Thanks again for the welcome, guys, that’s great.

from Clytie, now considering reversing the rotation of the earth by AppleScript

If you meant FastScripts, I think you made a great decision (particularly for a rookie scripter!). FastScripts is far superior to Apple’s script menu and the developer is always looking for, and implementing, improvements.

I remember the first time I wrote a script (my first attempt at anything remotely close to programming) and it was great! I know another scripter (I won’t tell his name but his initials are T.J.M.) that still dances to celebrate his AppleScript successes. :wink:

Welcome to the BBS and to the world of AppleScript.

– Rob

Additionally, regarding the original question, you can save your script as a standalone-executable application (take a look to the save dialog popup menu). So, if you double-click it in the Finder, it will auto-run.
You can also run your script from any application with a script menu, such as Entourage/Outlook, Tex-Edit Plus, GraphicConverter, etc. Or from an application able to run scripts, such as iCal, iDo Script Scheduler, etc.
You can run your script from the command-line (manually, or using some scheduling utilities, such as CronniX) --see “man osascript”.
And you can run your script attached as a folder action to any folder (and it will be executed when you open-the-folder, add-files-to-the-folder, etc.).
And probably I’m missing something else…

Welcome to AS!

… And I know a really, really great guy whose initials are R.J., who had a significant hand in my becoming the AppleScript Tai Chi Master than I am today.

Welcome aboard, clytie! 8)