Just curious...is there an applescript equivalent for pragma mark?

As the number of lines of code and the number of handlers in my current project continue to grow, I can’t help but wish I could divide up my functions popup menu. In Obj-C this is easily accomplished using a “pragma mark.” Is there an Applescript equivalent for this? And, if not, why? :lol:

Brad Bumgarner, CTA

Brad, I too would love to see this feature. After a reasonable amount of searching I didn’t find an answer that would lead me to believe that anything like pragma mark exists in AS.

I do have one suggestion that would solve the problem… write your apps in obj-c! :smiley:


I figured that was the case. And, for the money, I have been writing in obj-c. Some things are just easier for me in Applescript. This is an app that I will probably write a version of in obj-c though.

Thanks for the info,
Brad Bumgarner, CTA

This is an old topic but I just stimbled across it looking for something else.

I figured out a way to have something similar to a pragma mark. I just write an empty handler to accomplish the same task… something like the following to make sections of my code stand out. I don’t think it does any harm having empty handlers, at least I haven’t noticed anything.

on __________________________________FILEHANDLERS()