Just starting, need help setting parameters for selection...

I have a folder that contains 396 items that all have the same name suffix i.e “JasonHand-Plain.suit” and “BobHand-Plain.suit”, etc. I wanted to set the condition in the script such that when the folder opened it would “find " the first item that contained “Hand-Plain.suit” “select” it then change it to " TT” (spaceTT) then find the next item and then change it until all the items had been renamed.
I got the right folder to open but need to know if this is a condition I need to establish first.

My work environment causes me to do a lot of repettative things, so I felt scripting was the way to go, but I feel like I’ve landed on an alien planet and need to learn the language over night :frowning:

you don’t say what version of as you’re using, but i think i remember a script that comes with as that auto-renames a bunch of files, taking the suffix off and letting you replace with a different one. check the finder scripts folder (in the scripts folder in your system folder).