Keep System Events Running in Leopard?

So, I have a 2-computer system that uses a lot of calls to “System Events” on a remote machine. Since upgrading to Leopard, I am noticing that System Events seems to deactivate itself on the remote machine after a certain period of time, and once it does, it will not respond to commands issued from the other machine. What is the best way to keep System Events running on my remote machine? A stay open script running locally on the remote machine? Ideally it would be very low-overhead and would not cause any issues with other applications. If anyone knows a system-level way to keep System Events running, that would be even better, but I’d love to see the best Applescript solution. Thanks in advance for any help, and happy holidays.



a method to launch System Events on a remote machine is

tell application "Finder" to get processes

as processes is no part of Finder’s dictionary but the Finder understands it, the Finder asks System Events

Thanks so much Stefan, that’s the perfect solution… :slight_smile: