Keeping Application on Top

Sorry I think I posted this in the wrong place doooo, so I moved it.:wink:

I have started mocking up a onscreen keyboard to run on a Second Monitor in Applescript (Which is a Touch Screen). Im using Applescript Studio at the moment it is Primarily to Send shortcuts to a open Application im using (Maya) so the buttons are just coded with things like

tell application "Maya"
	execute "nurbsCube;"
end tell

Maya uses mel as the application language and will perform actions it’s told to do as long as it recieves the request in mel.

I need the Application to sit on top but still be able to use other apps and always open to the second screen which is running at a different Res to the main display(I will set it up to open on start as I expand it’s use to other Applications). The other thing which I think is going to be tricky is not have the mouse move when a button is pressed on it. The only approach I could think of was using a Extra Suites code to return the mouse to the centre of the main display unless someone has a alternative suggestion.

Ok after using the search function I have discovered that using

 set the level of window "Window Name Here" to 1

Should work but I cant for the life of me work out were im meant to put this for the default window that opens with the App so that it rest on top but other Apps are selectable?