Keeping ftp password from user


My application needs to send files to my server, currently im doing this by ftp which is protected with a password.

Only when i distribute my application to the world i dont want script kiddies/hackers/curious users to upload random information to my server since it has a capacity limit of 1.5gb. and a bandwith.limit of 10gb/month.

I did think about a php/mysql solution, but. i’m never worked with either, so i’d like to keep away. from those script if unnecesary


Just use a array and perform operations like sum or merge. In this way will be ore obfuscated.
Or encrypt a text file wil all paramers (host, username pwd…) one line for each.
After decrypted you can access the value simply by pointing the line in the array.


That is the solution I use myself XML-RPC or SOAP to communicate with a server over SSL (to avoid network sniffers).

Using plain FTP is not secure as well. When someone is curious he will use CPA for example and see the password no matter how well you protected the password in your script. This is even easier than retrieving an password from an compiled script.

Mm thanks, i’ll check up with both tools for the next few days. Hopefully i’ll understand them