keeping iTunes in sync with a single folder

So, i have been deep in code for a week or so, searching for the best way to solve the problem of multiple computers sharing the same, remote (on the same local network) music folder for iTunes.
When i say sharing the same folder i mean this: all iTunes libraries of all computers on a local network are in sync with a folder on a remote volume. If one computer adds a file, all the other computers add this file to their local library and any changes to artist and album information is updated on all computers.
I am fairly fluent in PHP, CSS & HTML, this is my first attempt at creating a program at this level. comments on improving this are welcome
So far i have a working OSX alpha version of this concept using a combination of BASH, Perl and applescript. Release of this code (and the story of creating it) is imminent

i have a version of this that was written purely in applescript but it crashes when working on large libraries (mine is currently 14000+ tracks), resorting to lower level languages (BASH PERL) to handle the workload has resulted in the program taking less than 3 minutes to complete over a wireless connection.

if you are intereted i will be documenting this project on and through this thread

what are your thoughts on this concept? all ideas & comments are welcome