Keeping Track of How Much U've Downloaded

Hey Guys,

DO you think it would be possibale to create a script that reads how much data you have downloaded in a single login session?


I personally think it’s not possible with AppleScript, but of course I could be wrong. Though I hardly doubt I’m wrong.



you can retrieve the amount of I/O data and the number of packages in the shell with netstat -b specifying the interface with -I (for example -I en0 for the primary ethernet port)

hi Stefan

i have put the below through terminal, but what i really need it to do is track the amount / return the amount of data that has passed through the wireless network.

A bit like on windows, when you click the two flashing computers and it details the amount of traffic in / out on that network drive

Install MenuMeters, then you can get the information from the menu mar.
Or look into /Applications/Utilities/Activity > Network

Hey Stefan,

MenuMeters - Doesn’t fit what i need

Although - Activity Monitor Does - Im gonna look into if there is a way to pull teh data from Activity Monitor Later

The Display Network part of MenuMeters shows exactly the same as the appropriate tab in Activity
And the Ibytes / Obytes result of the netstat command is the same, too

Hey Stefan,

I may be doing somethign wrong with it, however, all ic ould get was speeds going in and out. Im not after the current output and inward speeds of the network (this is what i found i could only show in the menu bar).

All i am after is the total trafic that has gone through the network since boot till time X (point of running script)

Here are two screenshots



As you can see, the values for Data Received / Traffic Totals Rx and Data sent / Traffic Totals Tx are the same.