Key command to interrupt a droplet

I’ve just created a droplet to convert graphic files done in earlier versions of a graphics app to the latest version and I want to be able to interrupt the script using the keyboard in case something goes wrong. I’ve tried various keys, ‘esc’, ‘command-period’, etc. but I can’t seem to stop the script from executing. Is there a key combination that can interrupt a droplet?

The script sounds like it contains a repeat loop. If true then you might consider inserting the following inside the loop.

keys pressed
if the result contains "." then return

To use “keys pressed” you will need “Jon’s Commands” installed
It is available in the scripting additions of this site.
You may use any key in the results line you choose. I elected to use “.”

Good Luck :smiley:

Great! thanks, I’ll try it.

I didn’t know that scripting additions are compatible with OSX or do they have to be modified to run in OSX?


Yes, there are some SA’s which are compatible with OS X and Jon’s Commands is one of them. It is freeware and may be found at:

Sorry for suggestng that it is found at MacScripter. I thought it was there but when I checked I didn’t find it.
Go to the jonpugh at download Jon’s Commands X 3.0d3