Keyboard modifiers (one for the gurus)

Does anyone know of a way to determine if a particular key is being held down when a script is run? For instance, knowing that the ‘ctrl’ key was being held down when a script was run would allow a single script to have multiple functions without asking the user for interaction.

You need something to read the keyboard at run. Here I used Jon’s commands scripting addition command, 'keys pressed":

set x to (keys pressed)
if “Command” is in x and “Option” is in x then
beep 3
end if


Thank you, Kel. I knew one of the gurus would know. Much appreciated.

You’re welcome bhsimon.

Actually I’m a Christian.


guru noun

1 a Hindu guru and mystic spiritual teacher, teacher, tutor, sage, mentor, spiritual leader, leader, master; Hinduism swami, maharishi. antonym disciple.

2 a management guru expert, authority, pundit, leading light, master, specialist; informal whiz. antonym amateur.

I think you fall squarely in the second category, kel: expert, authority, pundit, leading light, specialist