Keycode Keys

Ok, I know there are some posts with links to programs that show you the code for a key on the keyboard… but they no longer work and are broken.

Does anyone have a recent working Link to a sight that has a program to give the key code of the keys? or no somewhere that says them.

to clarify what I’m looking for I’m looking for the codes you would use in this example script…

tell application "System Events" to key code 36

(i just happen to have found a working code for enter ha ha)

Download Full Key Codes 1.1 at:



Thanks tom, maybe its just me, but i tried that link in one of the ones that did not work, I end up getting this when i try to download it:
error : logs/downloads.log

Thank You Very Much Bruce, This one works And seems to be very Helpfull.
Thank you so much!