Keynote Automation/Scripting

Hi All,

Having trawled the web for the last couple of days I was wondering if anyone might have an answer to the following question. I’m a newbie Applescripter so go easy on me.

I’m looking to make a few scripts which would be added as folder actions.

  1. Take contents of a folder - Convert Keynote 09 to Powerpoint, move the original file and created PPT file to another folder… I’ve managed to achieve this with Automator by using the watch me do setting but it’s far from elegant. The script would be for the last few Windows users I have who get sent Keynote files from our overseas offices. The script would run on a new Xserve.

  2. I’d also like to do a similar thing with exporting powerpoint, word and keynote files to PDFs. I managed to rejig CUPS on 10.5 server to allow printing of PDF’s as a virtual printer. I created folder actions to take the contents from one folder, print via CUPS as a PDF and then move to an output folder with the usersname. This was done completely with Automator but the output files are not that great. Portrait is the only option for the PDF’s and with some powerpoint docs things are missing or unreadable.

Has anyone achieved anything like this with Applescript (silly question I’m sure). Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. I did see the pages to PDF script on here but from what i’ve read Keynote isn’t scriptable to the same extent.

Many thanks