Keynote Transitions

What is the syntax for setting transitions in Keynote using Applescript. It should be pretty straightforward but I can’t figure it out.


Chuck Sholdt

Never mind. i figured it out…

tell application “Keynote”
tell slideshow 1
tell slide 1 to set appTransition of slideTransition to “apple:push”
end tell
end tell


As I read the dictionary, it should be something like:

  tell slide 1 to set type of transition to "apple:push"

but that compiles to exactly what you had. So it looks like there’s some silliness going on with the dictionary.

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Hey Shane!

Good to hear from you. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I didn’t return to the forum after my last post until today.

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Alrighty then…

I’ve tried many varitions of what I thought worked but doesn’t

  1. set appTransition of slideTransition to “apple:dissolve”
  2. tell slide 1 to set type of transition to “apple:push”

Number 2 should work according to Shane but compiles as number 1 which indicates some sort of funge with the dictionary. If anyone has some idea how to set transitions in Keynote with Applescript, I would appreciate knowing about it.

Thanks so much,


PS it is a sad day when an Microsoft product like PowerPoint has a better Applescript implementation than Apple’s own Keynote!