Keystroke question about holding a button down

Hi, I’m kinda new to applescript (and all forms of scripting really), and atm I’m experimenting with moving and controlling MMORPG characters using applescript. There is one thing I’m wondering tho, about the keystroke command.

To make my character move forward I would typically use this script;

tell application "System Events"
		tell application "World of Warcraft" to activate
		keystroke "w"
	end tell

(without eventual repeats etc)

However the “w” is pressed for a split second, so fast that it would take 500 presses to move my character one step (yes I tried^^)
So I was wondering is there anyway to make it HOLD the button down, not press it? Sorry if this is very obvious :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks in advance

System Events can only hold down modifier keys: Shift, Control, Option, Command. The instruction is key down command. At some point later, you have to release it because it applies everywhere: key up command. If, for example you run a script:

tell application "System Events" to key down shift

and then run it without a key up instruction, every app on your mac will act as if the shift key was pressed.