Keystroke Question

i have made a small installer file with Vise installer and I have turn its visibilty off by adding dot before the file like".showroom".
i want know if appleScript can activate that hidden installer file.


Confirmed. It can!

thank you
for your confident positve reply
Now can you please tell me how it can done,
because i tried simple script that doesn’t work

tell appliction "finder"
open file ".showroom"
end tell"

this script work for me when there is no dot in “showroom”
and it doesn’t work when the file is invisible. So please give some suggestions.

This works for me:

tell app "Finder" to open alias "path:to:.file"
  • untested with an installer-vise app, but should work for any app

It works for me when i change alias to file
for some reason alias doesn’t work for me
thanks you very much

one more issue
what if my external drive is named as “.ExternalDrive”
i tried to activate the installer file from hidden drive

tell application "Finder" to open file ".ExternalDrive:upDate"

it doesn’t work
how can i make this work.

I have not hidden volumes to test, but you can try this:

do shell script "open '/Volumes/.hiddenvolume/file'"

its not working
do you know any work around or you know any link where i can find more information about this.

I looked but I couldn’t find an answer to this simple question. How do I write a keystroke down using the down arrow key with apple script? I tried keystroke down but nothing happens. Keystroke tab works, but keystroke doesn’t. Thanks in advance.


tell application "System Events" to keystroke (ASCII character 31)

– Rob