KosmicTask - an AppleScript powered task runner

KosmicTask is an application for creating AppleScript powered tasks that is currently in the late Beta stage of development. See below for application specs.

You can download the latest beta from http://www.mugginsoft.com/kosmictask
Alternatively head over to http://macdeveloper.net where you can report issues and earn a free licence.

If you would be interested in submitting scripts for inclusion with KosmicTask then please contact me via the website.

Application Specs

Using KosmicTask you can create, edit and publish automation tasks that can be accessed either locally or remotely.

And because KosmicTask uses AppleScript to power its tasks any existing scripts can be quickly and easily incorporated into KosmicTask and made available from a central location.

KosmicTask provides the following basic functionality:

  1. A central repository of AppleScript powered tasks.
  2. A publishing idiom that allows for public and trusted user access to tasks.
  3. Secure network communication via SSL.
  4. Bonjour support for automatic discovery over local networks.
  5. Support for task sharing over the Internet.
  6. A multi-tabbed iTunes like interface.
  7. A comprehensive history of task requests and results.
  8. Local and remote task editing and configuration.
    9 .Integrated file transfer capabilities.
  9. Flexible representation of task results.
  10. Full local and remote search capabilities.
  11. Run task server at login functionality.
  12. Integrated error console.

Hopefully this wil be of interest and isn’t too off topic.

Jonathan Mitchell