KosmicTask - AppleScript task sharing application now available.

KosmicTask v1.0 has been published at www.mugginsoft.com/kosmictask
A fully functional 21 day trial is available for download.

KosmicTask is an automation provider designed to share AppleScript powered tasks over a network.

Using KosmicTask you can wrap your scripts in a user friendly iTunes like interface.
These scripts may then be published as tasks which can be consumed by other users on the network.

Feature List

A central repository of AppleScript powered tasks.
A publishing idiom that allows for public and trusted user access to tasks.
Secure network communication via SSL.
Bonjour support for automatic discovery over local networks.
Support for task sharing over the Internet.
A multi-tabbed iTunes like interface.
A comprehensive history of task requests and results.
Local and remote task editing and configuration.
Integrated file transfer capabilities.
Flexible representation of task results.
Full local and remote search capabilities.
Run task server at login functionality.
Integrated error console.
More than 100 sample tasks included.

I like your product, but…

…Why would someone buy it if they have an even simpler thing for free right there on their Mac?


I think you’re missing the point of the software. It’s not a “Script Editor replacement”. It offers some very interesting functionality - especially in a distributed environment. Cheers!



Jim is correct here.

KosmicTask’s primary function is to create a user friendly centralised store of AppleScript powered tasks that can be accessed locally or across the network.

KosmicTask does include a script editor (and can edit and compile scripts on remote machines) but this is not its primary function.

KosmicTask’s integrated file transfer capabilities make it suited to file processing tasks. The user can select a file (or files), dispatch them for processing and receive any number of files as a result.

The website at http://www.mugginsoft.com/kosmictask should soon feature some screencasts that will hopefully demonstrate the application’s functionality.

Wow! That’s really good!! :slight_smile: Great work!