Large float to integer

I get the error message

when trying to coerce a large float into an integer, think, it happens here with valinc as 10 or much above 5:

if valinc is not 0 then
	log valtper
	set valtper to (valtper * (10 ^ valinc)) as integer
	log valtper
	set valtper to valtper / (10 ^ valinc)
	log valtper
end if
return valtper

it’s purpose is to set the float to the number of decimal places valinc by getting all the float you want above the decimal then making it into an integer and dividing it back, it works well otherwise.

The largest signed integer AppleScript can handle is 2,147,483,648. Your number is too large to coerce to integer.

Thanks, I’ve now limited valinc to 7. (max number is 100)