Launch Application if Wireless Dongle is Connected


My apologies if this is not appropriate for this forum but I’m looking for a bit of help and I thought, where better to look for it :slight_smile:

I haven’t searched if this has been done before (it probably has) because I don’t even know what to search for really. I have zero experience with applescript and only a little familiarity with programming languages. Basically in words the summary of what I want the script to do.

If 802.11 n WLAN (my USB dongle for Wireless n) is connected
Launch the application “NewerTech USB Wireless”
And turn off airport
Else turn on airport



AppleScript can not detect automatically, if an USB device has just been plugged-in (unless it’s a storage device).
The easiest solution is to create different network locations with all settings and switch manually from the -menu

Good to know, thanks.