Launch Apps, toggling "Open Using Rosetta"?

Does anyone know of a way to AppleScript the opening of Apps using rosetta (or not).

Our particular need is around selectively opening Photoshop CS3 because the majority of 3rd party apps don’t run on Intel natively under CS3 (but do run if PS CS3 is opened in rosetta). As a result, want to automate opening PS CS3 natively for most processing and then allow opening in rosetta when need the 3rd party plugins.

In AppleScript, I’ve tried:
Recording Finder actions to set the “Open using Rosetta” option in the Info window of the application doesn’t work.

Searching Finder’s aete for “rosetta” yields nothing.

However, the “open” command has “with properties” option - does anyone know if the syntax for “open using rosetta”?

The only thing I’ve found is a terminal command, but scripting such commands seem to be fragile, not portable, etc. :

I’ll dig around a bit, but I’m curious why you think using a shell command is not portable or is fragile?