Launch Services database woes

I have an AppleScript applet in my Mac account’s login items that every login in turn activates or launches umpteen things, most of them in the background, and with certain conditionals and timers.

Every time I have occasion to restart my Mac with the shift key in safe boot mode, AppleScript makes me excruciatingly & annoyingly locate each and every app in separate std. file get (open) dialogs. I guess that’s because resetting the Mac OS Launch Services database is among the maintenance tasks done during a safe boot.

Is there any way to avoid that? Can I make some kind of “backup” of my applet’s Launch Service database data for the apps in my script to re-apply en masse? Or is there a Terminal command that will stop safe boot from resetting the Launch Services database? Or any other suggestions?

AppleScript: 2.1.2
Browser: Firefox 48.0
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6.8)

You can target applications by their paths instead of name so it doesn’t require the LaunchServices database to lookup the location of the application by name.