LaunchAgents calling a scpt

I have an applescript file (scpt) that I would like to load at login, called automount.scpt

I can run the following at command line and it will run as expected:

osascript /usr/local/bin/automount.scpt

But if I attempt to have it start via a launch agent, it fails and says no plist found to load:

[code]<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Disabled Label edu.gvsu.automount Program /usr/bin/osascript ProgramArguments osascript -e /usr/local/bin/automount.scpt [/code] I've been reading thru the past emails and I can't find where my problem is.

Can someone else see? Thank you!!!


there are some syntax issues.

Before the closing dict tag there is a tag without a key. Delete the line.

Delete also the -e line. The -e switch It’s only for literal text as source
Delete also

<key>Disabled</key> </false>
The default behavior is to enable the agent at load time


I just want to add that there is a commandline tool “plutil”, that you can read about if you issue “man plutil” in a Terminal window. It can check the syntax of every kind of property list files.

Thanks all!! I got it working!