launchctl does not persist across reboots

New Mac user here - ive had it for a week and Im loving it!

I have written a .plist file to kick off a shell script when I change wireless networks. I can load the .plist file with launchctl and it works, but if I reboot the .plist file has been unloaded from launchctl.

Here is what I am doing:

[code]wookbook:plist wookaru$ pwd
wookbook:plist wookaru$ launchctl load -w ./wookaru.onSSIDchange.synergy.plist
wookbook:plist wookaru$ launchctl list | grep wookaru

  • 0 wookaru.onSSIDchange.synergy[/code]
    So you can see, its present in the launchctl list. After I do this, if I switch wireless networks, launchd runs my script. However, if I reboot my machine my .plist label is no longer in the list:
wookbook:plist wookaru$ launchctl list | grep SSID

Does anyone know why this doesnt persist across reboots? Is it a problem that I am storing my .plist file under my home directory?


launchd expects launchd agents in (~)/Library/LaunchAgents

That was it! Thank you!