I know this is sort of off topic, but does anyone know where I can find LaunchD? I thought it was supposed to come pre-installed with mac osx.

It’s called launchd and it’s in /sbin/.

Where is the /sbin/ folder located? I LOOKED EVERWHERE…

Put your custom made *.plist file in ‘~/Library/LaunchAgents’.

In the terminal you can use “launchctl load ” to load the file. To unload the file, just replace load by unload.

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PS: sbin is a hidden folder. If you’re in the Finder and choose the menu item Go → Go to folder (or something like that); and type in /sbin and click OK, the Finder will open that folder for you.


There are a couple of interesting launchd articles here.
This post shows some common traps with launchd

This is StefanK’s launcd Installer

This is the article by Craig Smith who StefanK refers to:

The links to in that article is also a very good read.

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