Launching a script from a browser with a variable (ASP)


I’m VERY new to Applescript, and am faced with a challenge that I have to solve. Let me explain

I have a local script that runs fine that executes the following: Opens up a video player application, opens a video file in a specified directory, then plays the file. The filenames are in the convention “” where xxxx is basically a unique log number for each movie clip.

We have developed a web site where the user can browse through the site and locate a particular video to play from a variety of categories. when the user finds the file he/she wants to play, they hit ‘play’ and the ASP code in the site needs to send the variable somehow to the applescript to tell it what file to open and play.

Is this possible? Or do I need to hard code the page and make hundreds of individual script files (1 for each movie file)


Help is greatly appreciated.

If you can run shell scripts from ASP, you can use “osascript” (type “man osascript” in a Terminal window) to pass arguments to a single script.

See this thread for a similar solution that uses PHP. The code could very easily be adapted for ASP. (The code I posted in the thread uses formatting not compatible with the current version of this board, just delete the diamond characters with question marks.)


Hello, I’m working with wpowe on the AppleScript portion of this project. First off this site has been very helpful, looking at the script builders and the forums we’ve been able to get a lot accomplished and I thank everyone for it.

Now to continue our task, I have writen the script so it runs when a file is added to a folder. Our ASP programer tells me that he can only write to the cookies folder. The only cookies folder I have found has one file (cookies.plist) which appears to just hold a list of the current cookies for the preference pane. All of their paths are listed as “/” So for Internet Explorer were is the cookie folder?