Launching an application ...


I have a communication problem with a HP printer for witch HP does not upgrade the drivers anymore. The problem seems so occur with the communication software when the computer is asleep.

I would like to automatically quit the application when not in use. For this I have 2 questions:

  1. this app is located in MacintoshHD<Library<Printers and the regular LAUNCH command does not work in this location but it launches if the app is on the desktop. How can I script the launch it in it’s original location ?

  2. what is the command to quit an app after a certain amount of inactivity time or where could I find information on this topic ?

Thanks in advance.

To answer question 1 you could do something like this

do shell script "/usr/bin/open /Library/Printers/"

remember though to escape spaces or set your string prior and use a quoted form of.

The app’s (not a script) name is «HP Communications". Is this command OK ?

do shell script “/usr/bin/open /Library/Printers/HP”