Launching Ewok apps (those deep in distant trees)

I am trying to run Should be easy, but it’s not as it lives not in ‘Applications’ but in

application "AutoImporter" of folder "Application" of folder "Support" of folder "Image Capture" of folder "Library" of folder "System" of startup disk

This fails with the error 'Expected EOL but found “”" ', pointing to the first double quotes of the folder “Application”. This is, as can be seen, a part of the Image Capture tool. I nevertheless tried copying it and pasting it in Applications or in {home} but neither worked. Probably dependencies in its home folder.

How do I sort this out, please?

(I looked in the sticky ‘Note for Noobies’ and the link to all the help is broken! Maybe things have changed there since 2004…)

Model: iMac 24"
AppleScript: ?? late 2010 OK?
Browser: Chrome
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)

tell application "AutoImporter"
end tell