Layout Item Drift

Can anyone point me to a god tutorial of the new super complex positioning controls in Xcode? I have a layout that looks great but when the app is run items are drifting up or across the layout without any reason. Note: I turned window resizing OFF because of the incomprehensible controls for hugging, resistance, etc. but even without resizing items are not staying put.


There’s supposed to be a good video from WWDC last year, available at Apple’s developer site. But you can always turn Auto Layout off…

Where is that setting…? It’s going off for sure!

Select your .xib(s) and go to the File Inspector.

Excuse the blatant plug, but you might want to look at the updated Xcode guide in the latest edition of my book. There are a few things to keep an eye on these days…

Found it. THANK YOU!!! What a relief.