I have a Filemaker db called Mail In that db there are 3 layouts In, Out, Saved. How would I applescript it so when the db is open that it sets the Out layout to Find mode and enters “Working” in the state field to do a find. How can I make sure it is doing a find in the correct layout.

tell application “FileMaker Pro”
tell Mail
set cell “state” of request 1 to “Working”
end tell
end tel

You should be able to handle this all via FileMaker script.

Go to ScriptMaker and create a new script named “open” or something. Then add the following Actions:

*I was a little unclear as to whether you wanted to set up a find for the text “Working” or if the State field was a sign to users that the database was “Working” This script should work either way.

Go to layout “Out”
Enter Find Mode
Set Field {“State”, “Working”}
Go To Field “Whatever Field you Want”

Then, go to the edit menu, to the preferences, document. Under the General Tab, have your database perform the “open” script when it is open.

Otherwise, to switch layouts via Applescript the command would be.

tell application "FileMaker Pro"
	go to layout "Out"
end tell

Hope this helps.