Leopard and Xcode 3.0 woes..


Am I alone on this? It seems like I haven’t seen many posts about the compatibility problems with Leopard and Xcode 3.0.

When I updated Xcode to 3.0 and Leopard, all my working programs that needed feature updates and built under Xcode 2+ and Tiger just won’t compile. The compilations under 3.0 just stop dead on their tracks. When I tried to run the previous compiled versions (in Xcode 2+) that I know work well with Tiger, the applications do not work in Leopard.

Would appreciate if someone in this forum could cite some of the major differences that need to be addressed when compiling under Xcode 3.0. I hate to do, let alone have the time, a complete rewrite but would if there’s no way out of the dilemma.



I haven’t had any problems. :confused:

I haven’t had any problems either. Would help if you could narrow it down to specific code or errors you’re getting.


Thanks for the confidence-building posts. It must then be my crappy coding - very likely. Let me pull out a few of such error codes in one of my applications and will post them here when ready.



Have you set the Target SDK? That would make a difference in the compiling and running of some scripts.

You can set it in Project > Edit Project Settings > General

Not sure if that will help, but it might be worth a try.


I’ll try that one and let you know.

archseed :slight_smile:


The last suggestion to change the Target SDK didn’t work. I am still having problems.

Here’s a sample error code in one of the programs that I recompiled in Xcode 3.0 and Leopard. This particular program, AutoZipIt!, had no problem compiling and working in Xcode 2+ and Tiger.

I do not quite get what it means. I tried to look for class “NSNull” in my objects but I can’t find that. Am still searching.

BTW, I have other types of errors in another program that I am actively modifying/improving. I will post that in the future for the kind assistance of people in this forum. For now, I would greatly appreciate some headstart on the above error code - what it means and how I can fix it.

Many thanks.

archseed :frowning: