Leopard - Remote Application

Hey Gang,

Why does 1 good thing in the computer world usually result in 10 bad things!!

My very long script now fails by the 2nd line due to me upgrading to leopard!

This use to work (code snippet):

set RemoteMac to machine "eppc://name:password@" --as Unicode text

set TheApp to application "iCal" of RemoteMac

tell TheApp
	using terms from application "iCal"
		set the calendar_list_4R to the title of every calendar
	end using terms from
end tell

Now, I get the error:

Can’t get application “iCal” of machine “eppc://name:password@”.

Any thoughts!!!



That works fine for me. Are you sure that “Remote Apple Events” is turned on and that iCal is already running on the remote system?

You are running Leopard on your machine, aren’t you?

I’m running 10.5.1 on mine and the remote machine is running 10.4.x.


The problem was coming from a space in my name!

Fixed now!