Let AppleScript read out txt or csv file possible?

Hi there,

inspired by the great work of the forum members I was wondering if it was possible to let Apple Script read out txt or csv files.

The idea is to make a simple table to tell AppleScript the path where to move files from a watched folder to another folder of an external server.

For example:

xxx volumes/data/folder abc
yyy volumes/data/folder def
zzz volumes/data/folder ghi

Of course I could simply integrate the data into the script itself. But I’d prefer to have it in an external file for more convenient maintenance of the data.

Does anybody know if this was possible and maybe has a link to some sort of example?

Thanks to you

Here is a simple script which reads a tab-delimited text file, let’s you choose the code on the left and then returns the path on the right. You’ll have to change those clumps of spaces into tabs (or change the script to work with clumps of spaces).

-- Read file for codes and paths
set cdTx to read (choose file)
set dCod to {} -- list of codes
set dPat to {} -- list of paths

repeat with x in paragraphs of cdTx
	set AppleScript's text item delimiters to tab
	set end of dCod to text item 1 of x
	set end of dPat to text item 2 of x
end repeat
-- equivalence -->
-- set dCod to {"xxx", "yyy", "zzz"}
-- set dPat to {"volumes/data/folder abc", "volumes/data/folder def", "volumes/data/folder ghi"}

-- Choose code and acquire related path
set cd to (choose from list dCod) as text

repeat with x from 1 to length of dCod
	if (item x of dCod) is cd then
		set chPat to item x of dPat
		exit repeat
	end if
end repeat


This is fantastic. Fits exactly my needs. Thank you very much, Mockman!

Glad it works for you.