Level indicator in table cell: making it show stars?

Although the AppleScript Studio terminology reference doesn’t explain the use of the level indicator table cell, I’ve so far discovered that you can simply assign it a value and it will show that number of colored boxes ” great, but I actually want it to show stars :slight_smile: Trying to set its style (because that’s what the label says for the normal NSLevelIndicator in Interface Builder’s inspector window) doesn’t work, and causes Xcode to report an error that it can’t get the style of the data cell . Does anyone know what command does change its appearance?

in interface builder setting its style to “Rating” should work…I’m just trying to figure out how to alter the stars appearance.

Thanks, but that only works for an NSLevelIndicator, while I’m talking about a level indicator inside a table cell, that you can use in a table view or outline view (as in iTunes’ song ratings). You can’t select the style for the table cell using Interface Builder, and I have no idea what script command I should use instead.

the Inspector of a level indicator cell in Interface Builder is exactly the same as for an NSLevelIndicator except the title says ‘NSLevelIndicatorCell Inspector’)

… after having dropped the cell on your table column click the triangle in the column header and enter Apple+1

Aha! That is the bit I’d missed :slight_smile: Thanks :slight_smile: