'Library SE' Plugin beta testers needed

Greetings, everyone.

I’m currently working on a plugin that adds a “Library” menu item to the main menu in Script Editor. It uses the same item dictionary as the default library, but displays it in the menu bar instead of the annoying window that you must currently open in script editor.

I’m looking for a handful of beta testers to help me work out any issues I’ve missed. Anyone with a few minutes to spare please contact me via email, either through this forum’s email feature or at “jobu10000(a)yahoo.com”. It is a beta version, and is not yet publicly available online for download. I will be sending testers a copy of the plugin via email.

This will be the first of two plugin’s I’m working on for Script Editor. The second will be a version of my ‘Chronicle’ plugin designed just for script editor that will allow users to manage an archive of scripts.

Thanks in advance,

oooo - count me in. :stuck_out_tongue: