Lingon & launchd - automating when folder changes.

Have any of you tried using Lingon? I was playing with it the other day and it was supposed to run my script when a folder changed. I found that it just kept running my script over and over even when the folder was empty.

I would like to use this for queueing some of my scripts, but it didn’t seem reliable enough. Any thoughts?


Is there something you have against folder actions ?

Check out these links:

Make sure you don’t have an interval specified in the StartInterval box as that will take precedence over other settings.

I think there is less overhead using launchD to monitor folders than using FolderActions, but I’m not sure. Launchd also allows you to launch other programs, not just applescripts, which is useful if you use some other programming language that you want to run in a manner similar to folderActions.