LinkedIn Messaging

I am trying to write a script that will start by copying a name in an excel spreadsheet then go to LinkedIn (Safari or Chrome) and insert copied name into the LinkedIn New Message “To” field, pause to let Linked in find the contact, then go to the “Write a Message . . .” box and enter a message and send it.

I’ve found and learned enough to copy the name from excel and then paste it into the name field and delay.

What I cannot figure out is how to move from the name field to the “Write a Message . . .” field enter a message and then send it. Return enters the name but the cursor does not move from that field. Tab puts you into the prior messages which could be any number so I cannot tab tab tab

Thanks but I already tried a variation of that using key code 36. I tried your version and it still does not move from the “To” field. The cursor does not move to the “Write a message . . .” field with any variation of “return” or “tab”.

Correction, the cursor will leave the to field with tab but it goes into the history of the message before it eventually ends up in the Enter Message field. None of these will have the same number of messages in their history.

Attempted that as well but had trouble identifying the textfield to reference.
:frowning: Thanks for responding.

I tried but I cannot pin down the field id, class, or anything. Messaging is a pop up which may be part of the problem.