Lion and droplet script, multiple iterations

I have only recently needed to move to Lion (10.7.5) and have noticed a very unusual behaviour. I have a droplet which processes a lot of Photoshop and Illustrator files in multiple folders. It creates an “originals” folder in each sub-folder, and then processes the file, saves as a new copy, and moves the old copy into the originals folder.
When I drop folders onto this droplet, I have seen what appears to be many copies of the droplet icon “exploding” from it, you know like when an app launches the icon grows big and fades quickly. But why 100s? What happens when the script runs is this: I get the “originals” folder made in each sub-folder, even if the process crashes part way through processing the actual files.
This seems like the process is entirely parallel-ized. But I don’t really want it parallel in this case. If my process fails partway (usually due to PS or Illy having a dialog box pop up), I need to see where the process stopped and continue from the last completed folder. It is hard to know what that is, since unprocessed folders have the “originals” folder created (the Finder part of the script) way before the files get touched (the PS/Illustrator part).
So is this something new in Lion? I use Script Debugger and hadn’t seen this kind of thing using that for testing, nor does there seem to be a preference for that.