Lion Auto-Saving? How do we work with it?

OK, so Shane or anyone who had Lion access, what’s the story with using Auto-Save in Lion? Let’s say that I want to open a document, do some changes, and then export/save that document as something else. From what I read, doing it as a user would require first duplicating the document, then doing changes and possibly changing the document name. Or there is the “Lock” function to prevent changes.
How do we use these features, and what flags would we look for to know if an application or document subscribes to the Auto-Save functions?

FWIW, at my office I have a number of automated workflow programs that open thousands (I am not exaggerating) of InDesign files each week, and do some changes, export as PDF/JPG etc, and then close the original doc without saving, and would NOT want the documents to save any of those changes. I understand Adobe will have to explicitly implement Auto-Save. But still this is a very big deal for me, causing me some consternation. Any clarification would be appreciated.


You ‘duplicate’ instead of ‘save as’ and then save when your happy, it’s a better system.

Autosave isn’t automatic on your existing apps, if it’s not built into the app it’s not there, Lion would be incredible if it changed apps like that!

And I don’t have a clue about ASing autosave, but I’ve seen it in the dictionaries for a while now.

First, apps have to make changes to support autosave. Second, Save As has been replaced with Duplicate in the UI. But that doesn’t affect how an app might behave with scripting, which involves the application’s model, not its UI.

Ten minutes with the first app you find that supports it will answer that much better than I can. I haven’t had a chance to script any, but I don’t expect any problems.

My advice would be to relax.

While that’s true, for simple document-based applications it’s amazing simple to implement. One handler that just returns yes. Of course, not too many apps are suitably simple…