Lion Problems

Hi All,

I’m having multiple problems with an App I wrote. It ran perfectly under snow Leopard but crashes under lion.

Two key culprits are open/save which crash with

showModalOpen:]: -[__NSCFString isFileURL]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x403fe30e0 (error -10000)
(i’m using the show modal open from Shane’s book)

and the tableview (from the great book library project) which gives error

tableView:objectValueForTableColumn:row:]: Can’t make 0 into type boolean. (error -1700)

Any ideas at all?


That suggests you’re calling isFileURL on a path rather than a URL.

Impossible to say without seeing some code. Try inserting some log statements to see exactly where the error is generated.

Cheers for that Shane,

I’ve resolved the second issue (by looking at an earlier post - doh),

But the first one is more of a puzzler.

I have been using your fabulous book and the open and save project from chapter 17 (i think it is).

The odd thing is that on my computer with Xcode 4 when running your open and save project project both the modal open and the model save return exactly the same error.

Any thoughts?


Ah, now I remember. See the errata here:


All working now.