List items in folder and include lots of information

I’m trying to create script which does similar things that CDFinder does, lists all files and folders and even sub-folders in x folder. Problem is that i need more than just paths, i need as much as possible information of every file and folder: creation and modification dates/size/kind/… and maybe even permissions and icon. Is this too much to ask for AppleScript?

Is this too much? Nope not really… You just need to decide on a couple things first. What information do you want for different file types. Where do you want to store the information you find? One large file? Multiple files? A database (Filemaker/SQL(lite))?

Basically i think i want as much information as possible for all file types.

It could be one large file or multiple.

Still need more info on this though… What file types are expected?

If you have audio files/movies you would have to pull info from quicktime or something similar where as you might use image events for pictures etc…

We need some more help from you here.

Atleast mov/mp3/txt/rtf/png/jpg/log. Thanks