Listen to Keyboard (even in Background)


I am thinking about building some RFID-Based stuff.
The RFID Reader puts out 10-digit numbers via a normal USB-Keyboard driver.
Meaning, that when I have TextEdit open and put a Sensor to the reader, the reader writes (how ironic :stuck_out_tongue: ) these 10 numbers in the TextEdit window.

This is great, since it would be very easily to readout if the window would be in the foreground and a textfield with the focus all the time.
The last statement however isn’t true for most of the time of course.

So, what i was wondering is if it is possible to “listen to the keyboard” and wait till a 10-digit number is typed, check it against a table and if a match is found would execute the appropriate command.

Any ideas?

You will have to use C for this. Check out this post.

Does the reader comply with HID guidelines for USB devices? If so, an application like ControllerMate might help-out.

If the reader uses it’s own driver (rather than “typing” via a existing keyboard driver) then in theory it could “type” to TeachText without interrupting anything you are doing (i.e. allow “reading” while you’re busy doing other things).

You could always download the demo and find out. :smiley:

well that sounds neat.
I did know that app, althoug i associated it with the mousedriver.
i totally forgot that it also takes keyboard input.

I try to figure out if the reader is 100% HID compatible, because if so, that app would just be what i need :smiley:
thanks a lot for pointing it out

I bumped into ControllerMate looking for an alternative to iKeys for my Xkeys keypads (since iKeys support is truly aweful). After discovering this overlooked gem and discovering it can embed or fire-off external AppleScripts, it’s been my favorite “geek toy” lately.

It’s a handy program to have if you like to create keyboard shortcuts for things, and even remap keys. Also handy for using not-quite-Mac devices. :wink: