Listing Files from folder

Hi all. I’m a bit confused at the moment and hopefully one of you will be able to set me straight in my ways.

I have an applescript set up so that a user can choose a folder from a dialog box and the program runs perfectly for me. But when I try reading a path to that same folder from a text file I get an error:

My Code which seems to be giving me problems is this:

set sourceList to list folder orgSourceFolder without invisibles

I have looked at the returned value returned from the dialog box and it is identical to the string I am using, as far as I can tell. (Well, actually a dialog box is used to create the string before it is saved to the text file.

I have tried setting orgSourceFolder to type string, type alias, and even unicode text but I keep getting the same error.

What do I have to do so that it can find the file?

Thanks much.

Try something like this:

set sourceList to list folder (POSIX file orgSourceFolder) without invisibles