listing the volumes like with the OS X installer

hello all,

Did a search and couldn’t find anything that resembles what I’m looking for…

here goes:

I would like to know if it’s possible to do in applescript the following (if not, in which language):

I would like the user to select the destination volume from a volume list (showing their icon, name), just like the one that appears when you install the OS (or other installers).
I don’t need the drive check, I just need the big icon panel…


Not certain how I would go about this, but the list disks command comes to mind. Then, get the icons from /volumes/[disk name]

As for the box, make it yourself in interface builder. Maybe have a list with the disks, select one and the icon shows up with a bunch of information and press a button to confirm… Anyone want to build on this?

Wait, this is older than i thought it was… sorry.