load images from folder in scroll view


i want to load images from folder in scroll view. the images will be of diff no. one folder contains 100 images other 50 images. if i use image view then i dont know how it will show diff no of images from the folder.

can any one help??


You will probably need to use an IKImageBrowserView.

hi shan,

thanks for your reply…

i have added the image browser view and also check your example in your book but i am not sure how to do this??

do i have to use NSBundle?? the one you described in chapter 6


I’ve never used an IKImageBrowserView – I suggested it because I can’t see any other alternative. From a quick glance at the documentation it looks like you have to set up a datasource, and it looks fairly complicated.

Sorry, but there’s no simple way to do what you’re asking.