Loading images into image cells

Hi guys, im trying to append a row to a data source where one of the cells is an image.
Ive preloaded the image: tmpArtworkFile elsewhere in the script and loaded it into an image view just to make sure it loaded properly. the “embedded image” column has an image cell added to it in IB. if I try the following, i get an unknown key script error (7)

append table view "fileList" of scroll view "fileList" of window "theMainWindow" with {{|embedded image|:tmpArtworkFile}}

so, I removed that column from the append command (since there are other columns being added in the same append) and put this after the append line:

set contents of the data cell "embedded image" of the last data row of the data source of the table view "fileList" of scroll view "fileList" of window "theMainWindow" to tmpArtworkFile

I no longer get the key script error, but now, instead get the error “2007-05-22 07:58:15.943 iTags[29241] NSImageCell’s object value must be an NSImage.” in my debug log. I would prefer to use the append method, but if i need a second line like the one above, so be it. All help is greatly appreciated.

Can anyone help me with this please?

I dont know where the “contacts” object is. do you mean to drag it to The AskDataSource object?

That is what I had assumed, and tried it thus. However, though I do not get the applescript error, mydebug log throws fits anytime that column tries to get into view complaining that its contents has to be of type NSImage

I will do that. Thanks for the help. Ill let you know how it goes.

Well, the example didnt help any. but i was able to accomplish what i wanted.
I dont actually need that column to be visible, i just need it to store the image so it can be displayed in an image view when a user clicks on that data row.
The cell is storing the image, but for some reason, if the column is bigger than 0 px, then i get the “must be NS image” error whenever thta cell tries to get displayed.
however, since it doesnt need to be visble, and only needs to store the data, It looks like im good to go. I even tried copying the image contents of an image view into the cell like in the example with no luck. I still wish I knew what was wrong, but since that isnt necessary at the moment…