Loading XML is Illustrator CS3

Hello there,

I was working on a Business Card design. Wherein I need to add Name, Address, Phone and Email of every person. I had all the data in Microsoft Excel. Then I exported my excel file to XML, and tried loading the XML file from Illustrator’s Variables Palate. But I get an error message saying “The incoming variable library in invalid” !

Is there a way I can make my excel file into a valid XML file.

I also came across this link: http://www.spahr.org/pratt/2003/11/001241index.html

but it seems that the script is not download able…

I also have the txt file for the data ready as I was required … but cant get it to convert to an XML file which Illustrator can understand…

And, after reading posts on this forum… i guess it can also be worked out using AppleScript… But I have never used the same before…

Any help in this regard would be of great help.


P.S.: I use both Windows XP and Max OS X