Location Manager AppleScript 1.1.2

Location Manager

The Location Manager was released for Powerbooks before Mac OS 8 was released and does not require Mac OS 8, but with Mac OS 8 it became available for use on all machines for the first time. With Mac OS 8.1 comes a new version 2.0.1 of Location Manager. The following Q&A’s, which were excerpted from Apple Location Manager: Frequently Asked Questions, TIL Article ID 30118 created 7/29/97, are still pertinent:

  1. Question: Does the Location Manager use AppleScript to do it’s magic?

Answer: No, you do not have to have AppleScript enabled in order to use the basic functions of the Location Manager. If you choose to have an AppleScript application be an Auto-Open Item then you will need to have AppleScript enabled. Also if you wish to use the Location Manager’s Apple Guide then you will need to make sure AppleScript is enabled.

  1. Question: There is no Module written to do what I need it to do?

Answer: Remember that one of the Modules is Auto-Open Item. If what you need to do can be accomplished by using AppleScript, you can create an AppleScript application and then use the Auto-Open Item Module to open it up when you switch Locations.

  1. Question: Is the Location Manager scriptable?

Answer: Yes, it is scriptable but not recordable. It supports the Required Suite (open, print, quit, run) and defines a Class called Location. Which can be used to get the Current Location selected, and to change the Current Location.

  1. Question: Can I have the Location Manager change to a certain Location every time the computer starts up?

Answer: Apple Location Manager only changes system settings when you tell it to; it does not automatically change settings at startup (although you can use Preferences in the Edit menu to have the program prompt you to change settings). If you want Apple Location Manager to switch to a specific location each time the computer starts up, you can create an AppleScript script that performs that task. Put the script in the Startup Items folder and the location you want will be set at startup. Open the location you want to use at startup, then create the script below. Using the Script Editor application, type the following lines (The following example is from the Apple Location Manager Read Me file):

tell application "Finder"   
		open file ((control panels folder as string) & "Location Manager") 
		  tell application "Location Manager"     
			 set current location to location "snd"  
	end tell
end tell

Copy the script above exactly and substitute the name of your location for snd; for instance, type Sample if you want the Sample location to be used each time you start up. When finished typing the script, launch Location Manager then compile the script.