Locking Finder window size


I’m trying to play with scripting to customize attributes of a given finder window.

All I’m trying to do is make the window un-resizable. I see “resizable” is a boolean within “window” in the dictionary entry for finder.

my code looks like this

tell application "Finder"
		tell window "Finder Test"
			set resizable to false
		end tell
	end try
end tell

The event log says this which I’m assuming is the most simple version of the code I have above:

tell application "Finder"
	set resizable of window "Finder Test" to false
end tell

the script runs but the window appears unaffected. 'elp!



First, have you done a search for “Finder”, “Window”, and/or “Resize” on this site? There are dozens of threads on these subjects. Secondly, I think that you may find this article of some value:


I hope this helps.


Variable as the shade

First, I did search for those terms, in various combinations, and more! And not just at this site! Thanks for the suggestion tho! Second, that article wasn’t much of a help, although I will hold onto it! Third, thanks for your spirited response!

Expression, you see that little [r/o] after the resizable property in the Finder dictionary? That means “read only”. Some windows are resizable and some are not. This property is something you can read for a window to know whether it’s fixed or not. There is no way to make a Finder Window (the normal resizable windows) fixed from AppleScript.