Log in to Safari

Hi =) I am back with a new problem to try and figure out a fix for.

I’d like to have something that when opened asks for a student’s name, records the students name and time application was started, then opens Safari, then records every url that the student goes to, and then prints a report when Safari closes.

Is this possible? Or is it only wishful hoping?

I know I can do the part that asks for the students name and then opens Safari. The rest of it is over my head.


The wishful thinking part is that people will type in their real name! :slight_smile:

You could record the date and time of login and save it to a file. Then you could look at ~/library/safari/history.plist and assign the links there to a name based on time visitted. There’s nothing to keep people from fiddling with the histories, though.

A more common solution is to assign a user name and password to each user and set up a proxy server that records information on the sites they visit. Or install something like http://www.safeeyes.com/ and let that do the usage logging for you.

This is the second time today I’ve had a solution for you that wasn’t applescript related! :slight_smile:

We secure our kiosks with Content Barrier by Intego.

Not only will this log what websites are visited, it will allow you to create a whitelist, and only websites on this list can be visited. You can also choose to filter by content (block gambling sites, adult sites, etc) but I’ve never tried this.

It doesn’t do logins, though. If you require logins, you could always hide Safari’s address bar, and create a homepage that forces students to login, and afterwards gives them a choose of web links to access.

Our district uses Websense (www.websense.com). There is one person that controls that. You can’t block everything though.

I agree that there are other ways around this. I wouldn’t have a problem if teachers would stay in the lab and walk around to see what their students are doing or even if I could be there all the time. I work at two schools. One school is a big problem.

I know that the students could put in a fake name. Most of them would put in the right name. When the teacher leaves, they have a print out to go with their class and then would know who didn’t use their real name.

Is this impossible to do with AppleScript?

I have this much.

tell application “Finder”
display dialog “Enter your name:” default answer “First and Last Name”
activate application “Safari”
end tell

Can someone tell me how to record the name and time, and then record the places visited in Safari to a log file? Then when Safari is closed, the log file is printed? Or at least get me started?